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University of Louisville combines wellness and fitness to boost wellbeing in campus community

By Brian Harrigan, Senior Vice President, Sales and Development

When you invest in fitness and recreation, you want the best value for services delivered. Yet, you also want a fitness program that integrates well with your current program offering.

With HealthFitness’ award-winning fitness and recreation services, you can trust our expertise to offer fitness solutions to meet your unique needs. HealthFitness brings the right people, plan and programs to make your fitness and recreation center a more valuable asset for your community, college or corporate setting.

We know which questions to ask, and we listen to ensure your fitness center and programming is aligned with your needs—and the needs of your participants.

Take a look at how we partnered with University of Louisville to establish a centralized hub for their Get Healthy Now initiative—a campus-wide wellness program that combines wellness and fitness.

Top factors to consider when designing a fitness center
Whether you have an existing fitness facility or want build a new one, here are the top key factors to consider:

Have an existing fitness facility?
You may be struggling with low membership and participation rates, a lack of strategic plan or a strained budget. Or, your current contract may soon expire and you want to see what other options are available. Understanding your existing program—what is working and what isn’t—is the first step when we transition an existing fitness center.
  • Identify strengths and opportunities. To do this, we start with a program value analysis. This analysis evaluates your current operating plan, programming, administrative processes, staff roles and responsibilities, budget expenditures and activities. Through this analysis, we identify strengths of your existing program as well as opportunities for enhancements and budget efficiencies.
  • What do participants want? We also learn about the needs and interests of your population to identify how we can better provide fitness and health management offerings. This typically occurs through team meetings, one-on-one interactions and surveys, as appropriate.
  • Set engagement goals. Next, we work with you to develop and execute a management plan and program calendar specific to your site. We implement a process to continually monitor outcomes and goal attainment, and make adjustments throughout the year to ensure your expected results are achieved.
Building a new fitness facility?
You are likely questioning how to design it to maximize space and ensure the best experience for employees. Before recommending any design or facility, it’s essential to align your goals and objectives with what you hope to achieve with a new fitness center
  • Define your goals and objectives. To do this, we perform a preliminary estimate for feasibility, which includes a demographic analysis. We then use our client benchmark data to demonstrate the impact other similar clients have with membership and active participation (number of times each member uses the fitness center). We also work to develop projections specific to your project and company culture.
  • Determine facility requirements. Next, we conduct a facility size analysis to identify the square-footage requirements and facility components. Factors driving component selection typically include budget, space availability, and health and fitness program initiatives. Because your facility’s exercise equipment area will be a central point of utilization, we help ensure you select the right equipment based on function, affordability and employee demographics.
  • Recommend staff and operations. The final step of preparing the preliminary estimate includes a projection for operations, such as the number of recommended professional staff to engage your population.
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About the author:
As Senior Vice President, Sales and Development, Brian leads the business development and sales team for all population health management and fitness solutions. He has more than 16 years of experience in health care with an emphasis on new business development, strategic planning, account management, and marketing. Brian is a graduate of Duquesne University with a master’s degree in communications.


Posted on February 28, 2017 in Fitness