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HealthWire: June 2018

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Optimize your workforce—and lower the cost of injury and illness
At HealthFitness, we believe the best claim is the claim that doesn’t happen. This is why we’re focused on prevention, to address health issues before they become more serious medical concerns. Learn more about our Injury Prevention and Treatment programs and how we can help your organization improve workplace safety and health.

Meet Amy Ortiz-Arzuaga, HealthFitness contract manager
Leading a team of health coaches who provide services for a large pharmaceutical company at four different sites across Puerto Rico is no small task. Add in a hurricane and subsequent recovery efforts, and it’s understandable how basic responsibilities seem insurmountable. But Amy Ortiz-Arzuaga’s love for her team, dedication to her client’s population and her self-described “Pollyanna-attitude that every day is a good day,” has helped her and her team persevere. Learn more about Amy and her team. 

How to create environments that get people moving
From corporate organizations to community residents and collegiate staff and students, our fitness and recreation programs and services inspire your participants to move and to take steps toward healthier behaviors. Learn more about our fitness and recreation solutions and how we can get (and keep) your people moving. 

Industry Buzz

We look forward to connecting with you at the following industry events: 

Our Vice President of Business Development Paul Prather will participate in a roundtable discussion on The Future of Campus Rec on Friday, June 29 at the 2018 Campus Rec Leadership Summit, Palm Beach, FL..

EBN Benefits Forum & Expo
September 24-26, 2018
New Orleans, LA

HERO 2018 Forum
From the C-Suite to the Shop Floor: Well-being for All
October 2-4, 2018
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress
Healthcare Revolution Conference
October 28-30, 2018
Orlando, FL

Posted on June 01, 2018