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HealthWire: October 2018

Welcome to something better: A complete and personalized wellbeing solution
HealthFitness is pleased to announce our new engagement platform. The new technology helps employees choose better, feel better and improve their wellbeing. Learn more.

The importance of giving wellness a face and a place
From “gate crashing” to educational tools and resources, discover six ways we impact wellbeing programs with people-ready services. Learn more on the HealthFitness blog.

Meet Jack Baker, HealthFitness Senior Research Analyst
Jack Baker began his 20-plus career as an anthropologist and today hunts and gathers data as a member of the Integrated Analytics team. Learn how his insights help make a positive impact on your employees.

Prepare your employees for the demands of the job
Our work conditioning programs use conditioning, strengthening, work simulation and ergonomic coaching to prepare employees—new or returning after injury or illness—for the demands of the job. Learn more about our work conditioning programs.

Meet Mike Kerrigan, General Manager, Cornerstone Aquatics Center
Learn how Mike Kerrigan makes an impact both inside and beyond the Center’s walls. Read our blog to learn more.

Why good health is good business
Discover why smart companies use fitness solutions to reduce workplace stress and improve employee health. Learn more. ​

Posted on October 30, 2018