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HealthFitness Announces New Partnership with Fusionetics

May 31, 2017
MINNEAPOLIS - HealthFitness, the leading provider of health management and corporate fitness solutions, and Fusionetics, a global provider of evidence-based performance healthcare solutions, today announced a partnership designed to help employees move smarter, more efficiently and healthier, reducing musculoskeletal injuries.
Initially designed for elite athletes, Fusionetics® delivers effective solutions to prevent and reduce injuries, decrease pain and optimize employee health.
“Our partnership with Fusionetics allows us to provide movement efficiency solutions to our clients as part of our overall mission to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve,” says Sean McManamy, senior vice president, strategy and product, HealthFitness. “We understand that movement matters, yet we often are unaware of muscular imbalances that can lead to pain, injury and decreased movement functionality. Providing movement efficiency testing to our clients, in partnership with Fusionetics, helps employees prevent injury, decrease pain and speed their recovery.”
“Regardless of the setting, Fusionetics enables employees to perform work activities in a more effective and safe manner that helps them positively and safely contribute to their organizations,” says Fusionetics Chief Operations Officer Ben Tucker. “We’ve found employees experience reduced fatigue, injuries and workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism related to injury.”
Using the Fusionetics science-driven approach and technology, HealthFitness associates who provide participants with hands-on help are able to assess an employee’s movement and efficiency, which includes mobility and stability. This assessment helps identify muscular deficits and imbalances, which can predispose an individual to a higher risk of injury. To help measure results, clients receive cumulative participant reporting on status and progress.
About HealthFitness
HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, is an award-winning provider of health management, corporate fitness and condition management solutions. With more than 40 years of experience, it is URAC- and NCQA-accredited and a proven leader and partner for infusing a culture of health. HealthFitness maximizes client results through personalized interaction and a science-based approach to on-site program management, engagement and prevention. Parent company Trustmark provides a full spectrum of participant benefits to improve well-being through better health and greater financial security. For more information on HealthFitness, visit

About Fusionetics
Developed under the leadership of Dr. Micheal Clark and a group of scientists, sports medicine professionals, coaches, athletes and business leaders, Fusionetics is a system that was designed and utilized in the world of professional sports to help athletes improve their performance, speed their recovery and avoid future injury. Designed with this application in mind, the company has taken decades of proven scientific research and field-testing to deliver a user-friendly platform. It is scientifically valid and accessible on any digital platform, phone or tablet. This program platform allows for any individual from age 9 to 99 to move better, perform stronger and recover faster. To learn more about Fusionetics, visit

Fusionetics is a registered trademark of Fusionetics, LLC.
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