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HealthFitness Brings “Better” with New Engagement Platform

October 25, 2018
MINNEAPOLIS—​Employers want something that will influence healthier employee behavior and sustain better outcomes. And HealthFitness is pleased to announce a solution—the introduction of its new technology platform powered by CaféWell®. The new technology helps employees choose better, feel better and improve their health and wellbeing.
“At HealthFitness, we’re constantly evaluating the employee wellbeing experience and asking ourselves, ‘What could be better?’” said HealthFitness President & CEO Paul Lotharius. “We’re excited to introduce innovative technology that combines digital integration and human connection so that wellness program participants can benefit from a better and more personalized wellbeing journey.”
A Data-Driven, Personalized Approach to Wellness
Unlike a traditional approach that offers the same wellness programs to an entire employee group, the HealthFitness platform provides each participant a unique wellness journey—from beginning to end. The platform facilitates this by analyzing participant information and interests via eligibility and registration, health assessments and screenings, along with how participants interact with the platform. Built mobile first, the engagement platform can be accessed via an app, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and also supports and integrates more than 160 devices and apps including activity trackers, weight scales, blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors and more.
“We ultimately want participants to be empowered to chart their own course,” said Lotharius. “And we’re doing that by meeting employees where they want, when they want and in the format they want.”
Digital Hub Connects the Right People to the Right Resources at the Right Time
The new platform simplifies employees’ and employers’ lives with a digital hub that provides a one-stop-shop for participants to access all of their benefit-related information and programs, wellness programs and services, personalized program recommendations and targeted promotion and messaging.
The digital hub includes a variety of HealthFitness programs and services. And clients can use the hub to ensure their employees have access to all their wellness benefits, from EAPs to telehealth, 401(k) plans, vendor partner programs and more. This helps clients improve engagement across all their services and helps participants realize the full value of their employer’s benefit offering.
Near Real-Time Access to Data and Reporting
The platform offers a web-accessible, interactive reporting portal that enables clients to gauge the impact of wellness programs and services. The reporting portal provides a collection of pre-defined, interactive reports that covers different aspects of the program like registration, program participation and completion, rewards earned and redeemed, coaching and health risk assessment. These reports provide valuable data and information essential for program management, evaluation and strategy. The information is presented in a visual, easy-to-understand format, and reports are interactive and filterable by group, date, topic and other variables.

“Employers will be able to get a sense in near real-time how they are helping influence healthier employee behaviors and sustaining better outcomes,” Lotharius added. “Data that used to take 30 days to view can now be viewed in a matter of minutes.”
About HealthFitness
HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, delivers a complete and personalized wellbeing solution that is designed to make people healthier and includes the best of fitness, wellness, injury prevention and an engaging platform. HealthFitness is URAC- and NCQA-accredited and a proven leader and partner for enhancing wellbeing programs and transforming lives for the better. Parent company Trustmark provides a full spectrum of employee benefits to improve wellbeing through better health and greater financial security. For more information on HealthFitness, visit

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