We believe movement matters. 

This is why we focus on creating environments—from corporate organizations to community residents and collegiate staff and students—that get (and keep) people moving. And, as one of the largest providers of fitness center management and wellness programs in the country, we can help get more of your people moving, too.

We’ll guide you on fitness, recreation and wellness solutions, customized to your organization and personalized to the participant. From equipment purchasing to operational efficiencies, our approach for building a new facility or transitioning to an existing one is more than just getting someone on a treadmill.

We excel at building relationships with each member. It's at the core of what we do. Our on-site
professionals are trained in our methodology that focuses on mobilization, activation and dynamic
movement, which is the foundation of the experience we deliver to members. Proper movement is
essential for health, fitness and performance. We help each individual perform at their best, avoid
injury, reduce pain and speed recovery.