Optimize your workforce—and lower the cost of injury and illness. 

Our mission at HealthFitness is to make people healthier, across each of our services. We know that healthy people are productive, less likely to get hurt and faster to return to work when hurt. Our injury prevention solutions can help reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and positively impact your workforce and your company.

We believe the best claim is the claim that doesn’t happen. This is why we’re focused on prevention, to address health issues before they become more serious medical concerns.

Our Injury Prevention and Treatment program includes everything you need to create and sustain a healthy work enviornment, including:

Healthy employees create a healthy business.

The goal of our program is to prevent injuries and minimize the impact when an injury occurs. We place dedicated injury prevention professionals on-site to address musculoskeletal disorders to help create a safer, healthier and more productive workforce.

From manufacturing environments to office settings, our injury prevention and treatment programs can help your organization:

As your partner, we combine our expertise with your operational goals and culture. With personalized solutions that will engage the population, program design is carefully structured to put people first and create long-lasting behavior change and healthier employees.

We recognize that organizations, like people, are unique, so we offer flexibility in tailoring the program to meet your needs today and provide solutions for your future goals. We build our product solutions by asking questions that help us understand your company culture. We learn about your goals, what you want to achieve and how you measure success.

Read our blogs and case studies and discover our injury prevention and treatment programs in action. 

Addressing employee safety with early intervention programs
With a goal to be the safest industrial gases company in the world, the company needed an early intervention program to reach their 4,775 employees in the office, out in the field and on the road.

How Boston Scientific stretches wellbeing to help prevent ergonomic injuries
How does Boston Scientific, a leading global medical technology company, engage its 3,500 employees in wellbeing and reduce ergonomic injuries on the job? By launching a customized ergonomic stretching program that helps employees address issues before they become more serious medical concerns. 

Helping employees recover with on-site physical therapy services
This leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company wanted its employees to be treated by licensed physical therapists without having to travel off site and take time away from work. The company’s 3,000 employees include office and non-office employees located on a large campus with multiple buildings.

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