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We meet your people where they need us most.

The need for support and wellbeing has never been greater, and catering to those needs requires creativity. We’re working daily to solve complex challenges and elevate every interaction our participants have with HealthFitness— whether they’re working from the office, from home, on the production line, or on the go.

Transforming lives for the better

We reach entire populations—from mid-sized companies and Fortune 500s, to college students and community residents—and serve as your virtual health and fitness strategy partner on a whole host of solutions to engage your people and improve wellbeing, including:

Virtual fitness classes
We offer virtual fitness solutions taught by our regular and part-time instructors as well as through our partnership with Wellbeats. Virtual fitness supports employee fitness across geographically diverse and virtual populations and includes 500 classes across 30+ channels, ranging from 1-60 minutes, including both traditional and non-traditional fitness options.

Virtual personal training
We offer a broad range of online personal training packages, provided by certified trainers, trained on our methodology. Training addresses client goals as well as body composition, injury prevention, overall health and nutrition.

National challenges
We provide a mix of pre-designed online wellness challenges that include time bound, trackable activities in a variety of topics and activities including diet and nutrition, physical activity and stress management.

Providing educational awareness opportunities for individuals online is a great way to engage participants in their health and fitness. Topics include general health, physical activity, sleep, nutrition, weight management, stress and resilience. Types of educational programs include:

  • Webinars: Learning sessions (30-60 minutes) in a social setting, with handouts and actionable tips
  • Meet ups: Fun, quick (10 minute) learning opportunities online, with key takeaways
  • Classes: Weekly classes (30-60 minutes), 4-6 weeks in length, offer a cohesive learning experience and skill building

Our digital and virtual programs help participants set and reach goals, overcome obstacles, stay encouraged, create support systems and become more accountable. Participants work with the right, credentialed health coach to develop a personalized plan for increasing healthy behaviors and decreasing unhealthy behaviors.

At home/remote workstation ergonomics assessments
Our ergonomic assessments help participants create a healthy ergonomic workstation at home, including the proper set up for a standing workstation and using multiple monitors.

Our virtual solutions get (and keep) your people moving.

Read our case studies to get an inside look at our virtual solutions in action.

Real-time data drives best practices.

Our virtual programming digital dashboard provides real time data and insights on our virtual fitness programming which helps us develop best practices to inform our programs and continually make improvements.

Virtual expertise featured in media.

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As offices are reopening and workers are slowly returning to work, we are helping companies shift their approach to health and fitness in order to prioritize their employees’ health and wellbeing both inside and outside the four walls of the fitness center.

Learn how HealthFitness can help you support your employees with virtual fitness and wellbeing programming.

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