Reach, motivate and educate your employees wherever they are.

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Help your employees make the moves that matter, anytime, anywhere.

We can help you foster a community of health and fitness within your entire employee population with HealthFitness360SM.

We will reach, motivate and educate your employees wherever and whenever works best for them — whether they’re in person, at home, on the production line, on the go, or simply an early riser.  Your employees will stay connected via live-streamed content, on-demand content and video conferencing led by dedicated HealthFitness professionals.

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Building community through connections

With HealthFitness360, your participants can connect on any device — desktop, mobile, tablet and smart TV — and find our best-in-class content and experiences led by our best-in-class professionals. We make connections beyond our brick and mortar fitness centers to engage more people, in more ways. Your employees will stay connected via:

  • Live-streamed content led by HealthFitness professionals, including fitness classes, stretch breaks,  educational seminars and kid and family classes. 
  • On-demand content with 100+ health and fitness videos available across 25+ categories, including: cardio, strength, Yoga, progressive workouts, mindfulness, nutrition, mobility and ergonomics.
  • Video conferencing where employees will experience real-time connections with our HealthFitness professionals for personal and small group training, ergonomic consultations, coaching and more.

Bring health and fitness to your entire employee population.

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Healthy Employees Create a Healthy Business

HealthFitness360 brings fitness and so much more to your population — we offer a holistic approach addressing, nutrition, stress, sleep, resiliency and ergonomics to help them feel and be their best.

For benefits and wellness leaders:
The HealthFitness team becomes a full-time extension of you – you can trust our professionals to do the work the way you would, because they care about your population as much as you do.

For your employees:
We offer many ways for them to engage in caring for their health, making it easy and accessible with a team of HealthFitness professionals who care for them and encourage them along they way.

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