Helping participants take a personalized approach to their health.

Coaching supports lasting change and better business outcomes. Our coaches help participants set and reach goals, overcome obstacles, stay encouraged, create support systems and become more accountable.

How does it work?

  • Participants select areas of interest—such as weight management, condition management, physical activity, mindfulness, financial wellbeing, and more—and work on goals.
  • Participants are partnered with the right, credentialed coach to develop a personalized plan to increase healthy behaviors and decrease unhealthy behaviors.
  • Coaches offer frequent check-ins, support and problem solving through sessions and friendly nudges (email or texted messages).

Our coaching model supports lifestyle management and condition management. We believe coaching is personal. It’s about focusing on the path towards personal wellbeing. Our coaching model allows for the development of a coaching plan based around a participant’s goals, challenges and aspirations.

Participants have easy access—over the channels they use every day—to coaches and resources to help them stay on track.


  • 90% of our coaching participants reach their health goals
  • 93% of participants are satisfied with their health coach
  • 84% of coaching participants report improved productivity

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