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Coaching supports lasting change and better health and wellbeing outcomes. Our coaches help participants set and reach goals, overcome obstacles, stay encouraged, create support systems and become more accountable.

Why coaching?
Studies show physicians do not have the time, infrastructure, resources, or do not receive compensation for counseling patients on how to provide and implement proper lifestyle practices or education.

  • Medical system focus is on acute medical issues, chronic disease and pharmacological therapies vs prevention
  • Health coaches can support and provide this missing service with one-on-one support of the entire spectrum of health, addressing physical, social, emotional, financial and the environment.

Our coaching program offers multiple ways to engage participants:

  • Online and mobile app
  • Experience includes: videos, articles, quizzes and trackers
  • Connections also include live chat and message board
  • Coach-led webinars provide opportunity for education to “meet” coaches

Participants can select from the following ways to interact with their coach:

  • Virtual coaching
  • Digital coaching
  • Talk with a coach: health and wellbeing
  • Talk with a coach: Tobacco cessation

Examples of our coaching participants over a single program year:

  • 22% more likely to reduce frequency of eating out
  • 36% more likely to add 1-2 strength training sessions per week
  • 67% more likely to increase hours of sleep or feel less sleepy
  • Tobacco users were 172% more likely to stop using

Participant satisfaction

  • 95% of our coaching participants said coaching effectively supported their efforts to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing
  • 95% of participants are satisfied or very satisfied with their health coach

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