Health screening options to reach all employees.

Our health screenings provide vital health information for your employees—raising awareness of risks and serving as the catalyst for behavior change. Health screenings also provide a baseline for future health and wellness programming needs for your organization, and year-over-year screenings can help you track aggregate results.

With three options for health screenings, all employees can learn more about their health, regardless of their location—and take steps toward healthier behaviors.

  1. On-site screening. With an on-site health screening at your company, participants are given an immediate snapshot of their health that prompts them to take action toward healthier behaviors. 
  2. Lab network. Reach your dispersed populations with our lab network health screening option that gives employees the flexibility to schedule their screening at a location and time that is convenient for them. 
  3. Physician visit. Offering employees the option to visit their doctor for their health screening allows for a personal interaction with a trusted health professional. This option also complies with established employee health plan requirements and utilizes existing benefit structure, processes and networks. 
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