Drive engagement and create a culture of health.

Wellness challenges invite individuals and teams to participate in action-oriented activities to:

  • Drive wellness program participation (engagement)
  • Help your employees improve their health
  • Create a fun, supportive culture

Challenges may be the only way for those employees who aren’t “joiners” to participate in a wellness program. From testimonials and surveys, we hear how participants love the challenges. They are attracted to the social aspects (participating on a team or with buddies and the interactive forums) and the fun element.

Use our challenge library
  • Adjustable program length and timing
  • A selection of healthy behaviors and activities
  • Daily or weekly emails, tips and resources
  • Highly social events that appeal to and serve your population
Create targeted challenges
  • An Engagement Professional creates and administers targeted challenges for different segments of your population
  • Allows multiple departments, divisions and locations to run challenges independently
  • Offer challenges between departments, divisions and locations
Let your participants create their own challenge
  • A private and secure way for your participant’s to set a personal challenge
  • Participants may choose from a template (i.e., a walking challenge) or create a custom personal goal
  • Allows for self-initiated healthy behaviors and activities
  • Participants may participate on their own, invite a buddy, or invite several friends/family members
Learn more
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