6 ways the corporate fitness center is the hub for employee wellness

Published by HealthFitness on February 1st, 2023

Today's corporate fitness centers serve as a physical location for employees to move, connect and recharge — and they also serve as the hub for employee wellness, providing both physical and virtual space for employees to do just that — and more. Here are six ways to simplify your employee wellness program by making the corporate fitness center your hub.

1. Personal and small group training
The need and desire for people to reconnect and create relationships with others has greatly increased — in fact, at many of our client sites the engagement of our personal training has exceeded pre-pandemic levels. One way the HealthFitness team at an automaker connects members is through buddy sessions, where two people train together and have similar fitness goals. Buddy sessions are popular because the members share the cost of training and get to spend time together—and they get a social connection and accountability partner at the same time.

2. Mental health and wellbeing
With more companies re-opening the corporate fitness center in the last year, we’ve noticed a shift in why members are working out. People are coming back to the fitness center for their physical health as well as their mental health. Employees at a leading financial services firm see working out at the fitness center as a break from everything because it allows them to get away from their desk and computer. They say the corporate fitness center is their refuge because they feel better physically and mentally.

3. Support and connection
When it comes to promoting employee health, it’s often the simple ideas that make a big impact. For example, our team at a leading automaker provides a community sharing wall where members write their success stories and health and fitness goals. Members often respond to each other, so it acts like a conversation wall of support and gratitude. They enjoy cheering for each other and our staff adds encouraging notes, too.

4. Outdoor fitness
Another way the fitness center serves as a hub is by taking fitness outside the four walls of the fitness center. At one of our manufacturing client sites, the fitness center was closed on a recent holiday, but members gathered outdoors to do a 5K together with the HealthFitness team. Another client has invested in a mobile open-air fitness trailer from BeaverFit. Combined with programming delivered by on-site fitness professionals, this open-air program will provide employees with physical and mental health benefits.

5. Hybrid memberships
Employees are looking for a connected fitness experience that aligns with their busy lives. They want to work out where they want, when they want. This is where “hybrid memberships” come in—with the corporate fitness center service as the hub. For example, if your employees work hybrid schedules, they will most likely be in the office a few days a week. They can exercise at the corporate fitness center on those days, where they get a great fitness club experience. On the other days, when employees work remotely, they can engage in virtual fitness at home, join fitness classes live-streamed from their worksite gym, and access on-demand content for a convenient fitness class. And thanks to the new hybrid memberships, they can now visit their local fitness studios, such as boxing and yoga.

6. Community outreach
At Cardinal Health, a leading health care services company in Dublin, Ohio, our HealthFitness team provides a busy and continuous schedule of health and fitness programming, helping employees meet their full potential both physically and mentally. Our team extended their reach beyond the fitness center to partner with the company’s HR team to sponsor the Dublin Chamber Corporate Charity Cup community fundraiser. Throughout this event, employees from area businesses compete in fitness challenges to promote employee wellness and community involvement.

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