It all starts with caring

Published by Sean McManamy on August 17th, 2021

Companies today face an immense challenge. At a time when flexible work arrangements and working from home are more prominent than ever, how can leaders help employees stay connected? How can they foster that sense of belonging that is so critical to keeping employees engaged? And, how can they support their people in caring for their health, fitness and overall wellbeing when stress levels and burnout are so high?

It won’t happen on its own.
At HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, we recently refreshed our brand. Beyond a new logo, different colors and a fresh website, we spent a lot of time talking and thinking about our essential value. Over the years, we’ve described our company by focusing on the services we offer: fitness, wellness, injury prevention and treatment. We described ourselves as a “wellbeing company.” But as we dug deep, talked to our employees, clients and past clients, common themes kept emerging. We heard people describe what it actually feels like to work with us. From this, we validated that our essential value really comes down to caring for people – we get up every day thinking about how we can best care for our participants, so they feel like they belong.

While there are many things we do really well, fitness center and program design and management are where we excel. We believe a fitness center – whether on-site, virtual or both – can be the place where community happens. Our fitness offerings help form a durable community of people united in their pursuit of fitness and health; where people have fun, forge connections, and, ultimately, feel cared for by their employer.

This leads to a virtuous cycle. It’s why clients often engage us for their fitness center, and soon after expand our partnership to provide injury prevention and treatment, health coaching and overall wellbeing support – all natural extensions of fitness.

Our brand and new visual identity
Let’s begin with the mark, the H and the F, the way they are connected symbolizes the connections among participants and between our people. The overall shape resembles a weight bench/fitness equipment, representing fitness as the foundation for our holistic approach. Our friendly approach is reflected in our typeface. The new typeface and rounded shapes are welcoming, fun and, casual, but also substantial and strong. The deep, saturated colors balance calm with assured, confident energy. The colors are timeless yet modern, which reflects our history of success paired with our complete focus on today and investing for the future.
A reinforced commitment
As the world and industry have evolved and changed, so has HealthFitness. Today, we have more options in the toolbox than ever to engage people. We are leaning into our caring culture, because we know caring and belonging transform seamlessly into community. These positive relationships get people moving and keep them moving. They are healthier, happier. They feel cared for. They feel like they belong. And this yields a greater sense of loyalty and increased productivity.
We’ve been privileged to play a role in creating connections and communities for almost 50 years and are excited for what our future holds.