Partner With HealthFitness

 We serve large organizations — from corporations to health systems to colleges and universities — helping people generate movement in their lives through a range of fitness, health, and wellness services. We collaborate with trusted partners to transform the health and fitness industry and seek partners focused on creating complimentary and profitable alliances.
Growth partners: We’re seeking affiliate, referral, and reseller partners with whom we can bring in new business and move the revenue needle together. Help your prospects and clients build health and fitness programs—onsite, virtually, or both—with HealthFitness.
Preferred purchasing partners: Introduce your fitness related equipment to our clients and we’ll provide consultation, quotations, procurement and installation. We seek partners with company stability and history, product and service mix, discount price points, and customer service history.
Product/technology partners: Bring your relevant and innovative product solutions that provide value and proven results to our clients and participants. We value partners with cutting-edge and reliable technology, rigorous data privacy and security standards, and agile methodologies with an open architecture.

“CoreHealth has had the pleasure of working with HealthFitness over the past several years and has been continually impressed with the entire team’s creativity and dedication to making a great experience for each end-user. HealthFitness’ talent and culture allows them to be flexible and to see the variety of solutions possible and their willingness to truly partner helps us collectively achieve our goals.”

Ann Marie Kirby, CEO, CoreHealth

Thank you for your interest in becoming a HealthFitness partner.