We are the leading fitness solutions provider

We’re paying attention to what employees really want when it comes to their fitness and overall wellbeing. They want choice, variety, flexibility, convenience, and support.

And they don’t want to have to choose just one — and neither should you.

Your employees will have what they need to move, destress, recover, learn and connect in ways that work best for them — with a benefit they will value and appreciate. 

And you’ll benefit from having it all — under one roof and one contract.

We’ll build and manage your space

Whether you are building a new space, reimagining an older one, or just needing a better vendor, we‘ll help you make the most out your budget, time and effort. Spaces can range from 3,500 square feet to 10,000+ square feet.

  • Feasibility studies 
  • Demographic analysis and need assessment 
  • Equipment procurement and maintenance 
  • Staffing and daily operational management 
Spaces can range from high-end to more traditional — and we handle every aspect of creating and managing your space.
Fitness solutions can include aquatics, spas, recreation programs, and intramural sports and events such as basketball and softball.
Add open air facilities like pavilions and trailers to your space, designed by our partner BeaverFit USA®.

We engage people on-site

Personal and small group training provided by our certified trainers using our proprietary Movement Training System. 

Group fitness to help connect and motivate participants in shared experiences.

Recreational sports and activities including clubs, leagues and special interest groups, as well as outdoor adventure and recreation. 

Programming variety including challenges, seminars, meet ups and series classes covering fitness and wellness topics capabilities. 

We connect virtually with HealthFitness360

Live-streamed content led by your HealthFitness professional, including fitness classes, stretch breaks, educational seminars and kid and family options. 

Video conferencing offering your people real-time connections with their trusted HealthFitness professionals for personal and small group training, ergonomic consultations, coaching and more. 


On-demand content including cardio, strength, yoga, progressive workouts, mindfulness, nutrition, mobility and ergonomics. 

Convenience to connect via desktop, laptop or mobile device to find our best-in-class content and experiences, led by our best-in-class professionals. 

We provide access to a custom gym network

Access to their favorite gyms or studios through the FitReserve gym network, your employees can access top-rated local gyms and fitness studios.

We enhance programs with Fitbit

With discounts on Fitbit devices and access to a premium membership

We help people move smarter

As movement experts we can help reduce musculoskeletal (MSK) incidents, in all environments. We have a 90% success rate in avoiding MSK-related OSHA recordables with our injury prevention and treatment services. 

Ergonomics and early intervention

We acclimate employees to the demands of their work and reduce likelihood of medical escalation.

Physical, occupational and massage therapy 

When injuries do occur, we expedite recovery to help employees get back to feeling good and moving well. 

Work readiness and measurement

We objectively evaluate the physical requirements of the job and measure an employee’s ability to perform the work. 

We support total wellbeing

Health coaching that supports behavior change and all aspects of wellbeing, on-site, virtually and digitally.

Screenings and vaccinations through our preferred partner, LabCorp Employer Services®.

Wellness platform through preferred partner Vitality®.