Top corporate health and fitness trends for 2024

Published by HealthFitness on December 14th, 2023

There’s never been a more crucial time to support your employees and help them the take care of their health and wellness. Here are the top trends that will shape corporate fitness in 2024.

1. Community-minded exercise
Group workouts like running clubs, group fitness classes and workouts of the day have seen increased demand. Offering them helps build camaraderie and fosters a sense of belonging. Group exercise helps everyone push harder and show up for themselves and one another more so than they do working out on their own. Learn more about community-minded exercise.

2. Functional training spaces
Fitness spaces are transforming to support the evolution of functional training — offering rows and row of cardio machines, selectorizers and a few free weights is a thing of the past. Functional training applies movement in an exercise regimen that relates more to what people experience in a typical day. For example, in our daily lives we push, pull, jump, squat down, lift things up and down, along with many other tasks. Functional training improves our ability to move more efficiently throughout each day. More fitness centers will be creating functional training spaces — a larger multi-purpose space — to accommodate the growing demand for functional training programming.

3. Focus on recovery
Recovery is no longer just for athletes, recreational exercisers are exploring the use of massage guns, foam rollers, cryo and cold therapy, and saunas to help them feel better and optimize results. Active recovery helps people feel better faster, so they’re prepared for their next workout, while focused on preventing injuries and optimizing results. At HealthFitness, we support recovery with our assisted stretching program to help participants take advantage of the benefits in a structured, supported stretching session. Learn more about active recovery.

4. Movement for life
Includes functional training and strength training—which are key for building and maintaining muscle mass, improving balance, flexibility and coordination, for not only physical activity but for daily life activities. There’s an emphasis on maintaining physical and mental wellbeing as we age to prevent and manage chronic health conditions and avoid injuries. Learn how to support movement for life and active aging.
5. Holistic approach to fitness
The definition of “fitness” is evolving to embrace a more holistic approach where sleep, nutrition, recovery, mindfulness and social connections are becoming more integrated into self-care routines.When we embrace all of these aspects of each person, we’re taking a holistic approach. Our bodies were meant to move, and movement is essential to how we feel — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

6. Personalized support 
As people returned to the to the gym in 2023, we saw increased demand for personal training.  A technology component to support a seamless experience for hybrid workers will be a top priority for 2024. An Ernst and Young survey reported that 84% of employers said at least some of their workers continue to work remotely. The same study pointed to how millennials and Gen Z now represent the majority of workers, and by 2031 they’ll comprise more than 60% of the workforce. Both of these groups expect a tech component to nearly every engagement, and this expectation of the younger and growing workforce will only continue.

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